Luis Arias

  • Multicultural Creative Director
  • New York City

VISION: To provide multicultural creative solutions, increasing brand equity through cultural, brand narrative and language efficient alignment.

Multicultural creative director/copywriter with vast experience providing
bi-cultural creative solutions, branding and bilingual content alignment to integrated marketing, social media and advertising campaigns for major global brands.

Worked in Manhattan for over 10 years serving all areas of integrated communications and global information management at Mercedes-Benz USA, Google World Cup Data Newsroom, WebMD/Medscape, Possible, VaynerMedia, Definition 6, Grey/Wing, HBO, Ogilvy Healthworld, DirecTV, Hill Holliday (Verizon account), People Magazine (TimeWarner), as well as at Young & Rubicam/The Bravo Group, and PlanetLeap (formerly YAR Communications).

Also a classically-trained guitar/piano player and voice-over artist with a recording studio, who loves to play tennis, run, bike and enjoy jazz sessions in Greenwich Village.

On-camera & Voice-over Demos: